Injuries Infections

Injuries and Emergencies

Our doctors are available for treatment of emergencies and injuries. Illinois Eye Associates provide an on-call paging system that can put you in touch with our doctors 24 hours a day. While emergency rooms are always an option, they are not often equipped with the specialized instruments needed to examine the eyes in detail for injuries or damage. It is best to be seen by an eye doctor as soon as possible. At Illinois Eye Associates we have the most advanced equipment and are specifically trained to handle these emergencies.

Infections and "Pink Eye"

Eye infections, also known as conjunctivitis or "pink eye", may have several forms and symptoms may include crusting, mucus discharge, redness, and irritation. It is important to determine the cause of the redness and irritation to treat it effectively. Our doctors' residencies trained them to determine if the symptoms of your pink eye are caused by a bacterial infection, a virus, allergies, or inflammation inside the eye. Contact lens wearers may also suffer from infections and ulcers brought on by improper care and handling, over wear, or sleeping in contacts. The correct diagnosis and early treatment offer the best chance to treat the condition without permanent distortion of vision.